Saturday, July 1, 2017


Here I am
lying on the floor
breathing while I can.

Tell them
let me be
tell them
leave me alone.

Here I am
telling myself
will be alright.

I just need
to go back to...

I don't know.

I just need
some time

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Collaboration/Guest Post at Islander Destinations

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA but this is my last semester, so I've been really busy with grad school. Anyway, today I'm guest posting at Islander Destinations. So be sure to check out my collaboration for their blog! 

Here's a short description of Islander Destinations:

"Islander Destinations was created by two Puerto Rican travelers: MarĂ­a del Mar Mercado and Antonio L. Santiago. She is a lawyer and he is an I.T. Specialist, who enjoy both, the local tourism and the wonders of Puerto Rico, as well as traveling the around world. Both of them are passionate about culture, gastronomy, lifestyle and everything that the different destinations the world have offer. Thanks to this common interests, Maria and Antonio met in the Instagram world and travel blogger groups."

And here's my post:

5 Books to Read on Your Trip
The blog post is available in English and Spanish
Have you read any of these books? Which one did you like or didn't like? If you have a bookstagram, leave the link below (comments) so I can check it out. Have a great week!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Book subscription box: Uppercase {review}

Purchased (with my own money)

In summer, I was looking for book subscription boxes because I really wanted to try one. I've heard and read great things about a couple of them, so I decided to investigate a little bit more. LOL.

Long story short, I subscribed to two subscriptions boxes but I decided to keep one. And that's Uppercase!
Uppercase is a monthly young adult subscription box. You receive one signed YA book and some lovely bookish items. You also receive a bookmark with codes, so you can access special content while you are reading. It's a really great reading experience because it's interactive. The books are chosen by Lisa Parkin.

These are the available plans for the U.S. (it is also available to Canada but with different prices):

  • Brand new, hardcover young adult book
  • Signed book (or bookplate) by the author (isn't this exciting?!)
  • 1-2 hight-quality, exclusive bookish items
  • Reading experience with exclusive content
  • Personal hand-written note to you

*Price: $23.00 monthly + $6.00 shipping

  • Brand new, hardcover young adult book
  • Signed book (or bookplate) by the author
  • Reading experience with exclusive content
  • Personal hand-written note to you

  • *Price: $23.00 monthly + $6.00 shipping
*Limited time offer: $13.99 monthly + $6.00 shipping
*Regular price: $17.00 monthly + $6.00 shipping

If you decide to pick the Book Exclusive Plan (like I did at the beginning), you won't receive bookish items. That's the only difference. But one of the best part about Uppercase, is that you can buy bookish items from past boxes. Like this exclusive tote bag designed by Risa Rodil...
Here are the boxes that I've received so far...

July 2016
August 2016
September 2016
October 2016
November 2016
December 2016

I think it's a pretty good deal, and I'm talking about both plans. I mean, a book signed by the author?! (Fangirling!). Receiving a surprise box every month, surely is the best gift for readers and book lovers. I love Uppercase! So I highly recommend it. I'll be unboxing some Uppercase boxes on the blog. So stay tuned!

Have you tried a subscription box before?

Monday, January 2, 2017

I read, you read... We Read!

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! How are you doing? It feels so good to be back! There has been many changes since my last blog post... but I will try to be brief.
Since 2013...

I got married! I married Gustavo on December 2014. We have been together for 10 years and it has been amazing.

We adopted a dog! His name is Gabo but we also call him Gugu. He's such an amazing dog! We love him very much. He has been with us since October 2016.
I started working as a projector coordinator where I graduated from my BA. The project is called FIESTA Colegial and, since March 2014, I've been supervising undergraduate students who orientate their peers about the consequences of drinking and driving.

I started my master's degree! I'm studying Counseling Psychology and this is my last year. Since January 2015, I've been studying and doing my clinical practice.

I changed the blog. Now you can see a new design and even a new name! As you may know,  I started this blog as "Sensational Creations" in 2012. I used to share craft tutorials but I wanted something more... that's why now it's called "I read, you read... We Read!" or "We Read!" for short; and now I'll be blogging about books, crafts and more. 

And finally, one of the reason why I started blogging again! In June 2016, I started a book club with some of my friends and it's called Reading Buddies. This group has been a blessing and an adventure!
I also subscribed to Uppercase (and I love it!). But I will make another post about this. 
So... I think I made a pretty good job resuming a couple of years. How have you been? We definitely need to catch up :)

Friday, December 20, 2013

DIY: Christmas Card & Candy Cane Card Holder

Hi everyone! Today I'm guest posting over at {i love} My Disorganized Life, for Rachel's 25 Days of Christmas.

I got really excited when she invited me over! I met Rachel over a year ago when we attended an online blog conference. As you all know, I love DIY's! So today I'll be sharing an easy Christmas card, and a cute candy cane place card holder on her blog.

Visit Rachel's blog so you can see these two affordable DIY's!

You can find Rachel at
{i love} My Disorganized Life
Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+ | Instagram

I'm sure you will love her, and her blog! ;)

Merry Christmas!